The Story of Sadie, The Yellow Lab…

What came shortly after the purchase of my first home in Seattle opened my life and my heart.

As a first time home buyer, purchasing my townhome was one of the scariest and most liberating decisions I ever made. One of my goals in my late 20’s was to purchase a home by the time I was 30.

I began the search for a dog shortly after I moved into my new home. I had no intention of adopting a puppy thinking about all the work it would entail. Obedience training, potty training, training to not destroy my furniture, the list of tasks goes on.

I was very clear on the breed I was looking for, either a golden retriever or labrador retriever. And I knew I wanted to adopt a dog in the 2–3 year old range.

I purchased at 30 ½, just a few months shy of my 31st birthday. I knew as a single woman at the time that living by myself would eventually mean having a pet companion for not only safety, but companionship. Little did I know then, that just three months after buying my home, Sadie the yellow lab puppy would come into my life.

I began reaching out to breeders in the area asking if they knew of dogs in that age range looking to be adopted. My search continued, and the longer it went on, somehow the age range kept on getting younger and younger.

How can anyone resist puppy faces when going on these breeders’ websites and seeing new litters of the cutest, furriest most adorable puppies!?

Top dog … for me

After doing further research I had decided on adopting a labrador retriever.

Loyal, intelligent, obedient, extremely social, and ranked one of the top adopted breeds in America I knew this was the right decision for me as a first time dog owner.

I finally reached out to a breeder who told me she had two 17 month old males who had gone through obedience training, were housebroken and looking for a home. Seemed like a great fit! They didn’t necessarily need to be adopted together but before I could make an appointment to meet these handsome male labs, they were both adopted to two families who were relatives of each other.

It didn’t take the breeder long however to let me know she had a 15 week old yellow female left from an 11 puppy litter and I was welcome to come pay a visit. Um hello, the animal lover and puppy lover I am knew that if I visited this breeder and met this adorable yellow lab puppy that I would probably not be able to walk away without signing the papers and calling this dog my new puppy companion. There was still a rational voice in my head that said, “If you it don’t feel right adopting such a young dog, then don’t do it.”

Well, I decided to meet a puppy

I remember the day like it was yesterday. My parents joined me for the appointment at the breeder’s house to meet and ask all necessary questions.

We got to meet the mom of the litter and the little precious yellow dog. At that time she was still unnamed. The breeder and her family lived in a modest home in Graham, WA where she and her teenage daughter did all the work for each new litter that came into the world.

She first brought out mom, Glory, who was a black lab.

Glory’s resume was quite extensive with service and therapy dog training and was the most gentle, mellow loving black lab. I spent a short time with Glory while asking my laundry list of questions.

Then, they brought little yellow lab puppy into the room.  My jaw hit the floor with how adorable she was and I fell in love with her on the spot.

The quintessential yellow lab puppy with the blocky head, stark black nose, large paws, which she would eventually grow into, and her hilarious little bunny hop she’d do when she  chased a  toy. Considering I was a total stranger, this yellow puppy kept pretty close to the  breeder and daughter while I tried so hard to connect with her.

Tossing toys and tennis balls to entice her to be my new best friend. It didn’t take long for her to appreciate my playfulness with her and slowly start snuggling up to me. While I wanted to say, “Yes pack her bags right now, I’m taking her home”, there was a slight bit of hesitation mainly based on the big responsibility of owning a puppy.

My parents literally brought me outside the house to ask me, straight up, “Are you ready for this? Are you able to walk away?”

Was I ready?

There was probably only one way to find out.

Was I able to walk away?

No way, not a chance!

I walked back into the house after the second conversation with my mom and couldn’t help but ask the breeder why this adorable, mellow, well-mannered yellow lab puppy had not been adopted from her 11 puppy litter?

Mind you, this unnamed yellow puppy was the 11th dog and the runt of the litter.  The breeder replied that no one wanted her because she was too mellow and always stayed in the corner whenever anyone came to visit the litter to pick a puppy to adopt.

She’s perfect!

I knew then she was the perfect dog for me considering I was looking for a dog who would grow up and not require extensive exercise and have the energy of a toddler until for a majority of the dog’s life. The breeder predicted unnamed yellow dog would grow up to be a very loving, slightly submissive, well-behaved and mellow Labrador retriever.

Five years later, Sadie the yellow lab has grown into that exact personality.  She is the loving dog who never leaves my side when we are at home.

She loves just about anyone she comes into contact with whether that be human, other canines, babies, kitties, the list goes on. She has all the typical hobbies of most Labrador retrievers, which include loving car rides, swimming to her heart’s content, setting her own record to the food bowl every meal time, snuggling up to me on the couch and giving me unconditional nonstop love.

I thought owning my own townhome was fantastic. And it is. But filling it with love …well, there’s nothing better than that.