Kelly Barrett

Kelly Barrett


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2931 1st Ave S. Suite A
Seattle, WA 98134
Main Office: (206) 623-5118

Say you walk into a house, and you are struck by that “it’s the one” feeling.

You want nothing else but to make this house your home.

Would you want a real estate broker who:

  1. Is knowledgeable and can trouble-shoot in the current market?
  2. Can expertly represent you, and negotiate for you, in this transaction?
  3. Has plenty of enthusiasm, hustle and focus to lead you through the process to get your name on the title?

Of course you do!

How about someone who is ready to walk up to the plate with the confidence and tenacity needed to knock this transaction out of the park…

…giving you the best possible chance of scoring a victory at the end of the game?

And by “victory”, that means, your boxes are packed and ready to move into your dream home. Keys in hand.

This is how I work.

Because the process of closing on your ideal home is a team effort.

Initially, you’ll spend some time sharing what you’re looking for in your home.

And I’ll take the lead on setting your expectations regarding the process and the current market conditions. I’ll develop an approach and negotiate on your behalf with all I’ve got.

We work together to make your offer the most compelling it can be.

What’s the difference between my role and your role?

I guide you through the process and clarify choices, options and trouble-shoot.

You make all the decisions.

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